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    How assessments can prevent ransomware

    Jun 21, 2021 4:48:04 PM / by Haley Keitel

    Ransomware is not isolated to tech companies, which is clearer than ever given the attacks this year. In a recent interview with Now This, our CEO Vikas Bhatia, discussed the fundamentals of these attacks and how companies across industries can better prepare by utilizing a third-party risk management plan. 

    In the simplest terms, we understand that a ransomware attack exploits security gaps in networks or devices in exchange for a ransom payment.
    In order to prevent these attacks, risk assessments need to be done for all third parties and vendors to then present those risks and mitigate. A lack of oversight of these assessments is where the breakdown in cybersecurity protection happens.

    "What gets missed in this whole process is someone doing a risk assessment in a timely and frequent manner, so that the risks are not only identified, but they're communicated appropriately to the business stakeholders and resources are provided to mitigate the risks."

    Threats from ransomware have not necessarily become more sophisticated; instead, they target weaker systems and technology. With attacks like the one on Colonial Pipeline, hackers are going after businesses large and small that are not closely monitored through risk assessments.

    Vikas closes with,"But they're really starting to see that cybersecurity is not a small or big business problem, but an every business problem."

    JustProtect is third-party Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) as a solution platform focused on identifying risks of vendors and suppliers through assessments

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    Haley Keitel

    Written by Haley Keitel