Revolutionizing the Assessment Process.


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JustProtect simplifies and accelerates third-party risk by allowing your team to manage the entire end-to-end process on one platform. It only takes a few clicks to send assessments and only a few minutes to customize any template.

Third-Parties are provisioned quickly and can communicate with your team via comments through the JustProtect platform. Everything is designed to remove the pain of administration so that you can spend more time on what is essential, understanding your risk.

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Key Features


Conditional Questions

Cut down on follow up by triggering additional questions based on an earlier answer choice.


Custom Scoring & Metadata

Assessments are fully customizable, allowing you to set custom scores, targets, or relate additional data specifically to questions and answers.


Modular Business Structure

A fully configurable business department hierarchy means you can map the platform to your needs.


“CRM” for Vendors

Now you can have the ability to categorize, score, and segment your 3rd-Party inventory to improve reporting and prioritization.

Make assessments less painful

Send assessments to multiple business units or third parties simultaneously. Get real time status updates on all assessment activities on a single interface.

How It Works



We can use any assessment and even import legacy spreadsheets, all into one platform, while providing an audit trail to track your work.


Our platform is not just for cybersecurity standards and regulations, (ISO, NIST, etc). Easily upload any content you choose, even your own customized versions.


Assess with increased fidelity and full transparency to view the big picture of your data and relationships. 


Perform assessments with your team by distributing the relevant questions to the appropriate person and communicate directly.


"[JustProtect is] an amazing solution for doing assessments. Whether risk, third party, compliance, internal control ... in an elegant modern user experience. They address the inefficiencies of doing assessments in manual processes with legions of documents, spreadsheets, and emails."

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit

Common Questions


How can I assess all of my third parties and vendors? 


How can I send targeted assessments for specific businesses or my own specific business units?


How can I automate results from assessments?

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