Assessments. Automated.

JustProtect jump-starts your company’s regulatory compliance program by getting rid of your spreadsheets, engaging the right staff, and allowing you to manage risk assessments effortlessly.

With JustProtect, the average 4-6 week assessment
can be completed in

2-3 days.



Still using Spreadsheets?

Compliance doesn’t have to be that difficult.


Supplement your regulatory compliance program.

Compliance shouldn’t be about sifting through file shares, working out who has the latest version of a document or spreadsheet. Using email to perform assessments or audits and communicating and tracking tasks and risks is a thing of the past! JustProtect centralizes the audit trail, accountability and evidence in one place.

More than just compliance assessments.

Creating inventories of people, technology assets and 3rd party is required by all regulations.   No idea where to start? No problem. JustProtect helps you identify what key people, vendors and technologies critical to meeting compliance.  If there are known compliance risks, simply add them to the risk register.

Simplify compliance and risk registers.

Knowing which compliance regulations and standards are relevant to your company is a challenge.  JustProtect will endure you consider the appropriate regulations, assess your organization’s maturity and even assess 3rd parties process without a single spreadsheet! No more waiting for people to respond.

Creating an action plan based on the assessment is easy, selecting which items need follow up is 3 clicks away.  If there are risks identified assign them to the appropriate person. By including the business and technical stakeholders the whole organization can be on the same team.



Don't Take Our Word For It

Check out some of the results we have gotten for our clients.

As a government contractor we were frequently required to demonstrate our compliance to very strict standards in order to to win certain contracts. 

Before JustProtect our compliance program was spread over 20 different spreadsheets! Today, we have no spreadsheets and 100% visibility into our compliance program, tasks and all of our 3rd parties!

Chris Kimpland, QPK Design

As a Fintech we have to send and receive compliance assessments. Having a single place to manage our inventories and compliance assessments makes all the difference!

Paul Barnes-Hoggett, Alice Financial

At first JustProtect solved the distribution of assessments to our vendors and allowed us to assess all vendors annually, something we couldn't do before.

The fun came when we became inundated with incoming assessments. Since the data was in the platform, it automated much of the response! Win win!

Sky Campbell, Grey Eighty Eight Studios