Core Values

Even though we are a technology company, people are our driving force.

We wanted to give our product platform a personality that was consistent with what we hold to be foundational in all we do. We chose these values to show, in both people and product, we are focused on integrity, accountability, competence and grit, family, and an against the status quo mindset. 





“Wali” is an Arabic word whose literal meanings include "custodian", "protector" and "friend". As an assessment platform, our end users are assessors. Their need for an assessment stems from necessity surrounding compliance (risk of losing revenue), sales demands (risk of missing out on new revenue), or worst of all, working through a crisis such as a breach (risk of losing it all).

We want to be the protector against these risks.




"Irasshaimase!" is a Japanese expression welcoming someone somewhere (usually into a place of business).

To us this means we start each relationship with an invitation to join in our culture and walk with us.




“Kaizen” is the Sino-Japanese word for "improvement" and is a concept referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

We strive to improve ourselves and every user's experience for a better tomorrow.




Moksha means freedom or liberation and liberation from rebirth or saṃsāraSome Indian traditions have emphasized liberation on concrete, ethical action within the world. This liberation is a transformation that permits one to see the truth and reality behind the fog of ignorance.

We have a moksha mindset to gain truth and freedom from doing business the same old way.



"Brooklyn" is the tough, cultured baby brother of Manhattan. The know-it-all. The oddball. The common ground of blue-collar and white-collar. 

This means we can eat a cold meatball pizza for breakfast and have a "get shit done" attitude.

We Strive For More

Running a business for us is so much more than the bottom line. We strive to keep these core values at the root of every interaction and connection here at JustProtect. We build products that we stand behind from start to finish while building a team culture that supports and encourages every individual to thrive.

Interested in joining the JustProtect team? Read more on how we won 2020 Startup of the Year.

Not your old-school GRC.

JustProtect is a regulation and content-agnostic cloud-based platform that centralizes, automates, and simplifies the assessment process for companies with or without a GRC.

Whether it’s third-party risk, procurement, internal audits, or compliance readiness, we can reduce time and the human cost of your assessment process.