Assessment Response Made Simple

Assessments have become a hurdle for companies looking to win enterprise business. A typical enterprise assessment contains multiple sections, each requiring responses from different business areas. Spreadsheets and document management make the process tedious and needlessly burden your team.

JustProtect's suite of collaboration tools and response functions means your team can work smarter, not harder.

Conditional questions

JustProtect makes completing assessments easy.

Our centralized platform gives time back spent in guesswork and inefficient communication by allowing you to distribute questions amongst your team.


Questions can be assigned to your internal team for collaboration. Get the information from the right person without unnecessary conference calls.


Keep direct communication with the sender of assessment in the platform. Make sure you understand what you are being asked.  


A built-in review process ensures that you control the information provided to your customer.  


Store the answers to your completed assessments and reuse them when relevant. Don't let your previous work go to waste.


Don't let internal assessments burden your business.

Whether it's an internal risk assessment or managing your compliance posture, JustProtect can be your end-to-end solution. Assessments are fully customizable, and therefore can be based on any known standard or regulation. You can reuse your internal responses to speed up the process of responding to enterprise assessments.

In addition, your team can manage their remediation and follow up through internal task management and reporting. What was once only a painful exercise can now be translated into operational benefits.

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