SOC 2, ISO27000, or HiTrust Certification


Using JustProtect as your Readiness assessment platform, expedites your gap assessment, evidence collection, and align key stakeholders BEFORE engaging expensive auditors.


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 Why are independent certifications essential for my company?

Companies who are publicly traded or operate in heavily regulated industries, e.g. Defense, Finance or Healthcare, must formally manage their information security risk. This also extends to their supply chain. Suppose you plan to sell to these companies. In that case, they will require you to have an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that meets their requirements for your service offering.

Increasingly, the quickest way to demonstrate your company meets the criteria is to present your prospective client with an independently produced report describing how serious your organization takes cybersecurity. If you don't have one, it will be harder to sell your product to them. 


How does JustProtect help with Certification?



By using JustProtect to manage your compliance, you're using a proven platform to gather and centralize your content. Making it easier for your team and the auditor!



Loop in stakeholders from all areas of the business relevant to the process, ask them direct questions, and keep a full audit trail.


BYO Auditor

Don't pay an auditor to manage the process for you. Manage it yourself and at your own pace. If you get stuck send us a chat message and we'll help, for free!


Inbound Assessments

Utilize the content you gathered during your certification  process to continuously evaluate your organization and allow your customers to assess you.


What happens once I achieve my certification? Will the assessments stop?

No! The most common misconception is that once you achieve your certification, the assessments will end. They won't. They might be more focused, they might be less frequent, but don't expect them to end.

The benefit in using JustProtect as your readiness platform is the ability to lookup and re-use your content. Each time you get asked the same question, you can compare previous questions to see who responded to it, when they responded to it, and how they responded to it.

Independent Certifications are the key to the
enterprise customers, trust us!



There are many different standards to base your organization's ISMS on, including, but not limited to ISO, NIST, and CMMC. Ultimately the most crucial factor is whom you are selling to and what their requirements are. If you're not sure which to select, ask us! 



If you sell, or want to sell to enterprises, there is no such thing as being too small. We have helped companies with as few as three people on their path to SOC2.

In October 2020, as a nine-person company, we obtained our own SOC2 certification.

You can read more about that here.


SOC Trust Principals

For SOC2 certification you must pass the Security principle. You will choose which others are relevant based on your customer's needs and the type of product or service you provide. However, it is essential to understand that if you fail to get the principle covering your customer's requirement, your SOC2 certification will be of limited use. 


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How It Works:




Import legacy spreadsheets and centralize distribution to vendors, 3rd parties, and business units within one platform.



Centralizing remediation and follow-on tasks allow everyone to be on the same (assessment) page!




Perform assessments on your own time and distribute the relevant questions to the appropriate person to gather the current status of an internal or external control. Our simple to use interface will measure maturity, allow you to collect evidence, and get a score.



JustProtect has pre-built and configurable reporting for every organizational level. Granular reports and dashboards are available for individual contributors and higher-level reports are available for management and executives.