Assessments so evolved,

Darwin would be proud.

At JustProtect we strive to revolutionize each risk and compliance management process to create a more visible outlook and actionable steps from your data.
Our focus is security and compliance at scale without the GRC price.
Third-Party Assessments
Compliance Readiness
Risk Register
Internal Audit
Vendor Management
Assessment Workflows
Insights & Analytics
Supply Chain Audit

Risk Assessments

Assess 100% of your vendors.

Big, small, and everywhere in-between sized vendors.
With the JustProtect platform, you can gain clarity on any vendor, whether internal business units or external third-party vendors.
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Your Company

Send assessments to your vendors, at scale

Most companies are unable to assess 100% of vendors annually. We give the ability to send assessments to all vendors, at scale and, at minimum, on an annual basis.

Allow your recipients to answer in a centralized platform

Don't wait a month and a half for a large assessment to be returned. The ability for the recipients to answer an assessment in a centralized platform speeds up the turnaround time from sending an assessment to receiving results.

Define the assessment scope

With the ability to define the scope of an assessment, such as products and services, clarity on what will be assessed, limiting the scope of what needs to be measured.

Compare vendors' security postures

Unlike traditional spreadsheets with segregated data, you now are able to compare vendors' posture with each other. Then, report on which vendors are slowing processes.

Where we fit.

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JustProtect focuses on the assessment lifecycle. Use as a standalone GRC-lite
or enhance your current offering using our APIs and integrations.


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Compliance Readiness & Internal Audit

We've saved clients
tens of thousands of dollars
with their SOC 2 Type 1.

Utilizing JustProtect as a compliance readiness tool assists in assessing your business, sub-units, and services against SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and so many more.

Bring in the right stakeholders

Centrally collaborate with those that have the appropriate knowledge without relying on emails. Assign categories to specific departments or individuals.

Become compliance ready

Either bring your own templates or choose from our library of SOC2, SIG Lite, SIG Core, CMMC, and other pre-built frameworks.

Compare departments or locations

With our robust reporting, score your results and weigh them against each other. Improve globally or report to your stakeholders which units are bringing you down.

Peace of mind with full audit trail

A complete history of who answered what, when they answered it, and what evidence was attached.


“As a Fintech, we have to send and receive compliance assessments. Having a single place to manage our inventories and compliance assessments makes all the difference!”

Paul Barnes-Hoggett
Alice Financial

Inbound Response Automation

Cut your response time by 80% with auto-generated answers

You've received multiple inbound assessments and have been answering the same questions over and over.

Using our own proprietary algorithm built on machine learning, JustProtect surfaces suggested responses for you based on your previously completed assessments.

Stop hunting down old evidence or chasing staff members for a response. Answer inbound assessments faster than you can copy-paste. 

Suggested Response

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See for yourself how JustProtect can help your company achieve all security & compliance goals.
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Risk Register

The greatest risks are unmeasured risks.

Log and assign risks

You can create risks in a centralized location and assign these risks to the right person to manage them efficiently.


Heat Maps

Small risks add up. Visually see the status of all risks and how they stack rank against each other.


Know what to focus on

Take the guess work out of risk by prioritizing impact, likelihood, and financial scoring.

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Create dashboards for the full picture

See aggregated risks to understand the larger picture of the risk landscape. Drill down on pain points using a heat map and distinctive points of measure.


Aggregate risks from multiple sources

Using our API or our integration partners, aggregate all of your risks into a central repository.


Popular connections that will save you time and money.

Start in minutes, save hours.

Gain efficiency by syncing your vendors across multiple platforms. Prospects added to your CRM can then trigger assessments. JustProtect allows you the flexibility to connect several popular platforms to your account. If you already use an existing GRC we can function as a bolt-on to streamline assessments. With our platform, you can have a centralized suite for enterprise-level vendor management.

We also offer custom integrations at a fraction of the cost of larger GRC platforms. If an integration benefits our ecosystem as a whole, we will offer discounts for the integration to benefit all parties.


Vendor Management

Centralize all vendors, customers, and more, in a single platform.

JustProtect allows you to manage a central repository of all companies and entities you do business with. Integrations to Hubspot, SalesForce, QuickBooks, and more help you rely on JustProtect to organize your vendors and report on their status.

Best of all? JustProtect vendor management is now offered 100% for free.

Vendor Management

Generate vendor reports and insights

Present validated insights and communicate risks and compliance properly to your board through dashboards.


Centralize Third Party data

Save time on the data gathering phase and provide more professional and polished consultations in one place.


Categorize Third Parties using tags

Separate your vendors into tiers, group your customers by NAICS, tag your third-parties to organize and automate your assessment processes.


Gain visibility into vendor and customer risk

Assess vendors' or customers' security to reduce risk in your organization when managing relationships.


Insights & Analytics

Enterprise-Level Reporting
Robust reporting for board members, stakeholders, and more.

From CFO dashboards to critical vendor risk reports, JustProtect has a pre-built library of reporting for all levels.

Our enterprise clients have it one better; they have the ability to create and share custom reporting on the fly.


Executive Dashboards

Great for CISOs, CEOs, CFOs, and all other CxOs.


Supply Chain Dashboard

Clearly identify and manage the lifecycle of supply chain risks.


Vendor Management Dashboard

Establish and maintain visibility on vendors and third-parties.


Risks Dashboard

Decisively manage and analyze risks.


Managed Services Dashboard

Great for providing polished consultations to clients.


Collaboration Dashboard

See which invites are being ignored by your vendors.

JustProtect API

The JustProtect API

An API for the most complex workflows.

With the JustProtect Public API, build custom tools and integrations to solve your most complex needs.