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    Finally,  a New years resolution you can commit to!

    Jan 7, 2020 11:00:00 AM / by Vikas Bhatia



    Welcome to 2020.

    Here we are, 7 days into a new decade.  Hopefully, the hangover has worn off from seeing in the New Year watching fireworks, celebrating with friends and family, or getting some me time. This has been followed by people oversharing 10 year old Photos which Facebook has probably archived!  

    No matter what the celebration, or social media posts, looked like one can immediately assume that somewhere in the thought process was the dreaded idea that they needed to create a New Year's resolution.  This 4000 years old tradition has evolved from promising "the gods" that debts would be paid to looking back over the previous years to thinking into the future to "correct the sins" of yester-year. 

    Regardless of what drives us to create these empty promises even after 4000 years of practice we haven't mastered keeping the resolutions. Recently conducted research stated as many as 45 percent of Americans say they make New Year’s resolutions however, only 8 percent are successful in keeping them. While i'm not here to judge, the definition of insanity is apparently doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.. So time for a change I think!

    JustProtect provides visibility At this years New Years eve party I had a little time to reflect and realized that the personal and professional successes I experienced in 2019 were only possible because I had more, and better, data which facilitated better decision making.  With it being 2020 there was an visual theme.. So there it was... My new years resolution was decided.

    So this year my, personal resolution, was to increase visibility.  Increasing visibility would require more focus in specific areas, collect data, objectively analyze the data and make impactful decisions and re-evaluate.  With apps & SaaS products readily available for every facet of our personal and business lives isn't it time we stopped making half baked promises and use data available to be to take a look at whether the correct decisions have been made... and change them if necessary.  

    With that, from our Family to yours I wish you all a very Happy 2020!



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    Vikas Bhatia

    Written by Vikas Bhatia

    Vikas is founder & CEO of JustProtect