How JustProtect managed returning to work after COVID-19

    Preparing to return to work after COVID-19 Crisis

    Jun 12, 2020 2:30:00 PM / by Vikas Bhatia

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    Preparing for Risk

    JustProtect is known for our ability to make cybersecurity and vendor risk assessments easier.  But we, just like everyone else, have broader concerns from a risk perspective.  

    When COVID-19 arrived on our shores, it forced a large portion of the country's employees to work from home. While the majority of our team already worked remotely, we still needed to advise one of our office locations to work from home. 

    Now, that the number of cases has reduced, organizations of all sizes need to plan a return to work. This plan must ensure that the safety of their employees is paramount. This includes us, too.

    We, like others, monitor and receive shared guidance from trusted organizations, such as the CDC, who have provided guidance on how organizations should approach returning to work. e.g. 

    Before allowing our team to return to the office, we needed to quickly and efficiently assess ourselves against the guidance provided. This was to ensure that we were able to focus on implementing the processes, or procuring the appropriate supplies, to guarantee the safety of our team and the broader community.

    In order to assess the safety of our team, we first had to identify our main areas of focus.



    Assessing the Situation

    We decided that we would need to:

    • Conduct a high-level organizational assessment completed by management
    • Conduct an employee-level assessment from a cross-section of employees to get an "On the Ground" sentiment


    Here is how we would have handled this in the past:

    • Taken the guidelines provided , identified items that were, and were not, relevant to us
    • Built and sent out a questionnaire
    • Analyzed responses
    • Engaged with the relevant employees/groups over conference calls


    Instead, JustProtect developed an easier solution: We took the content from the official guidelines and copied it into the JustProtect Assessment Upload Template.



    Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 14.03.11

    1) We took the content from the official guidelines and copied it into the JustProtect Assessment Upload Template.




    Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 14.06.41

    2) Then, we separated the upload into 2 separate assessments, one for the Organization, and one for Employees.






    3) The entire process, once the assessment was issued to the various individuals, was hands-off  thru to completion.


    • Each employee was notified when they received an assessment
    • They were able to complete it in their own time
    • Any questions or comments they had could be added to their responses
    • Once they had completed the assessment, a notification was sent to the sender 


    We were able to understand exactly where our focus was needed, and what the highest areas of concern were without a single interview or conference call. In today's climate this is critical.



    All Said & Done...

    We were able to make actionable business decisions without:

    • A number of spreadsheets or emails
    • Conference calls
    • External consulting assistance

    This was possible because, with JustProtect:

    • Outside guidance can easily be used to create an assessment
    • Multiple assessments can be distributed and managed quickly & efficiently
    • All of the collected data is centralized, which makes the decision-making process much easier

    Best of all, any company can use JustProtect to do assessments just like this, and so much more. 


    Want to download the converted template? 

    Download the Template


    Want to see how much easier this becomes in JustProtect?






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    Vikas Bhatia

    Written by Vikas Bhatia

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