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    COVID-19 JustProtect CEO Update

    Mar 16, 2020 1:05:45 PM / by Vikas Bhatia

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    How are Cybersecurity Experts thinking about COVID-19?

    From the time that I started my Cyber, or Information, Security in the early 2000's career one of the fundamental tenants that was drummed into me was that human safety and security is placed higher than the safety and security of data and technology.

    How different are Human and Computer Viruses?

    Since the start of my career I have been lucky enough to have been directly involved with the development and refinement off over 100 incident response and disaster recovery plans and the coaching of many more teams.  The similarity between human and computer virus responses is uncanny.

    What's JustProtect's position on COVID-19?

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    There is plenty of news and guidance available from credible sources at the local, national and global levels and I encourage anyone reading this message to refer to them for guidance.

    From a Justprotect perspective we operate with a "Family First" mentality so express to our internal and extended family of customers, partners and vendors that they place the health and safety of themselves, they families and their communities first.

    At this time we are operating with a business as usual mindset.  Our platform and team is available as normal.  We are constantly monitoring and and gauging our ability to deliver based on guidance from:

    We urge you all to do everything you can to Prevent Illness and Watch for Symptoms.  Anyone displaying symptoms that are consistent with coronavirus should ensure they familiarize themselves with their Local Government’s medical officer’s advice on self-isolation.

    For any support requests please continue to email Support@justprotect.co or use the web chat feature.

    Please look after yourselves and look out for each other.

    On behalf of the entire JustProtect Family,


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    Vikas Bhatia

    Written by Vikas Bhatia

    Vikas is founder & CEO of JustProtect