Accelerate SOC2 compliance with JustProtect. 

To independently demonstrate a sound information security program to investors and enterprise one client accelerated the SOC2 readiness assessment and managed all remediation by using JustProtect’s compliance readiness solution.

The Problem

During fund raising and enterprise sales cycles our client was constantly being asked to complete vendor Security Risk Assessments. When they chose to get certified to SOC2 to meet customer requirements, they needed an easy to use, flexible, solution that allowed them to manage the SOC2 process from kickoff to certification as well as handle their remediation activities and risks. Additionally, the client needed a solution to centralize their people, technology and 3rd party asset inventories as well as their risks.


About this client

Industry: Fin-tech startup

About: Our client uses software to add money to employees' paychecks when they spend on everyday expenses without forms, math, or acronyms. Employers connect the client services to their payroll and employees instantly start saving money on health care, child care, commuting and more, without any extra work or cost for HR.


The Chief Technology officer (CTO) was overwhelmed by the number of assessments and their repetitive nature. The client team decided that a SOC2 was necessary to centralize and demonstrate their compliance program to internal and customer stakeholders, as well as external auditors. As a high growth SaaS company time spent on compliance needed to be well thought out. Engaging consultants who require extensive amounts of time was not the way forward. 

By importing the client's business and technology stakeholders into the platform, JustProtect distributed the relevant questions from a SOC2 readiness assessment directly to the appropriate people, thus allowing for this initial assessment process to be completed in less than 2 days. Once complete, all remediation tasks and identified risks were able to be noted and managed within JustProtect. 

The client now uses JustProtect to centrally manage their SOC2 compliance posture, store their supporting artifacts, and perform their own 3rd party risk assessments.

Get your SOC2 remediation started and an initial assessment done in 2 days!

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