How to share an assessment

Sometimes people from a subunit or third party may need access to your assessment! This guide will help you share it with them


NOTE: The sharing option for an assessment is used to send the released/COMPLETED assessment to another user/business unit

From the Assessment tab, you can click the share button.

This will bring up the following sharing options:

  1. Share with new business unit
    This will enable you to start creating a new business unit.

  2. Share with an existing business unit
    allows you to be able to select existing users from sub-units or third parties


Assessment Reviewer

The Assessment Reviewer (Shared to) can see the following tabs to analyze the assessment:

  1. Information

  2. Review

  3. Assessment result (answers)

    1. including documents attached during answering

    2. including comments - internal and external

    3. including gaps

  4. Documents

  5. Followup: tasks and risks

  6. Report

    1. Download PDF and CSV reports with Assessment related information

NOTE: Additionally they can create tasks or internal risks

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