How do I add multiple Services and/or Products to a Third Party?

There may be instances when a Third Party added to JustProtect has more than one product or service associated to it.


Products & Services can be added to the following business units:

  • Third Parties
    •  Vendors
    • Partners
    • Customers
    • Agencies & Regulators


To add a Product or Service to a Third Party:

  1. Log in and click on the Third Party
  2. Scroll down the "Business Information" screen until you see "Business Unit Objects"
  3. Click on Service or Product
  4. To add the Service or Product click on the "Add (Service or Product)" button in the bottom right-hand corner 
  5. When the Add (Service or Product) window appears add the following information:
    1. Title (Required)
    2. Description (Optional)
    3. Upload Logo (Optional)
    4. Click save
  6. The added Service or Product will show on the list
  7. Continue adding Services or Products.
  8. When you have finished click the return button
  9. Your added Services or Products will be shown as a number on the Business Information Page

Once the Service or Products are associated to the Third Parties you can assign them an assessment in the "New Assessment Wizard"

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