How to use roles & Granular Access Within the Platform

Need some assistance understanding how the roles function works within the platform? No worries! 


Assessment Users Roles Terminology

Assessment Role Generalized Role Name Description
Assessment Level Sender


The creator of an assessment
Assessment Level Assignee Receiver

The person who is responsible for an assessment on the receiver business unit.

If not specified the admins group will handle this.

Assessment Question Assignee Participant This user will be part of assessment and he is responsible for answering one or more questions
Assessment Reviewer   This user is responsible for reviewing specific assessment.
and he can be added from assessment sharing feature
Assessment Editor   When the sender want to contribute with assessment answering

Roles & Granular Access

  • Roles can provide granular access permissions to users within your business units.

  • Some examples of use are (but are not limited to):

    • Provisioning permissions to view only dashboards (meaning they cannot view or create assessments)

    • Provisioning permissions to only view assessments

    • Provisioning permissions to only create/review risks (not allowing for assessment access)

    • Provisioning permissions to edit business unit details (usually only for admins/top level)

  • To navigate to roles go to Company > Roles

  • Initially, within the roles tab, there are 7 default options to choose from

  •  These roles can be selected to update/change permissions and names to fit whatever is needed
    • Additionally, a completely new role can be created from scratch (By selecting "Create Role" in the top right)

  • The default roles give permissions for (Manage = assign, edit, and view):

    • Assessment Collaborator- The user can manage assessments (and assign assessment questions)

    • Assessment Analysis & Reporting- Can view assessments | manage risks | manage tasks | view reports and dashboards

    • Assessment Recipient- Manage assessments (excluding creating, exporting, and sharing) | manage company details (excluding company hierarchy)| manage users & groups | create tasks | manage documents | manage assets

    • Assessment Sender- Create and import assessments | view assessment templates | create business units & view business hierarchy/processes | view tasks | view risks | view third parties and manage third party labels

    • Regular- Answer assessments & assign assessment questions | Create and update tasks & view assigned tasks

    • Administrator- Full permissions

    • Assessment Contributor- Manage, release, cancel, and archive assessments and manage assigned assessment questions | manage users & groups | create tasks

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