Publicly traded firm's 3rd party assessments gets a lift with JustProtect

To comply with SEC regulations, a client enhanced their procurement process with JustProtect’s 3rd party assessments to reduce assessment time from weeks to days.

They were able to guarantee a faster assessment process for their business customers and 3rd parties, from day one. The implementation process was both painless and fast: they were able to distribute their first 3rd party assessment in less than a week.

The Problem

When the client wanted to strengthen their 3rd party assessment process their options seemed limited to legacy technology and consulting solutions. This is when they discovered JustProtect. “We had a process that worked, but it wasn't scalable. JustProtect's innovative approach seemed like the best choice for our challenge.”, said their Director of Cybersecurity.

The client realized that a 3rd party assessment process required efficiency. There had to be no doubt that only 3rd parties who had been adequately assessed would be allowed to access data that could impact their 10-k filing or result in loss or exposure of mission-critical data. They chose to implement a 3rd party assessment solution using JustProtect to centralize the process and highlight risk exposure to the business. When a critical 3rd party is onboarded, an email with a link is sent to the 3rd party point of contact (POC); the POC just needs to enter information for their team in order for the assessment to get to the appropriate person.

They needed an assessment solution that was easy to implement, easy to integrate, and compliant to their regulatory requirements. 

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About this client

Location: Their diverse network includes exclusive, independent dealers throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and China.

Industry: Equipment manufacturing

About: This firm has been answering the designs, issues, and services equipment that can conquer the world’s most demanding applications. Their goal is to create solutions that enable customers to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses. 


The client chose to implement a 3rd party assessment solution using JustProtect to centralize the process and highlight risk exposure to the business. 

“Using JustProtect was all smooth sailing. Our risk management and third-party onboarding processes are complex and have many moving parts,” said their Director of Cybersecurity.

“It’s nice that JustProtect could integrate into our existing processes and create a better experience for us, and the third parties! Building out the third party assessment capability would have been time consuming and very expensive. It’s great to see an innovative solution to a problem that impacts every public company. JustProtect's innovative solution has enabled me to show increased efficiency as well as a cost saving. It just really took the burden of assessments off my shoulders.”

Use an assessment process that works to get you answers in days, not weeks!

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