What is the difference between public and private users?

With JustProtect, each user can specify their privacy per Business Unit. This affects their visibility to others throughout the platform.


You can choose either a Public or a Private user. Below you'll find the differences between them:  

Public User:

  • You ARE visible to third parties. Your user will be seen by a third party when they are searching for Business Units and their points of contact.

Private User:

  • You are NOT visible to Third Parties. When you answer questions that are visible to a Third Party, you will be shown as an anonymous answerer to the questions you have contributed for.
  • You are NOT searchable by Third Parties. When a Business Unit is looking to assign an assessment to your business unit, your user will not appear in search results.

How to change your Privacy:

  1. On the platform, visit your user settings at https://app.justprotect.co/userprofile
  2. Under the User Business Units section, you can select your privacy per Business Unit.

How to change the privacy of users within your Business Unit:

  1. On the platform, visit your user settings at Company > Users (https://app.justprotect.co/mycompany/users)
  2. Edit the privacy of any user by flipping the visibility switch for that user.

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