How do I nest Business Units to create a hierarchy?

Nesting occurs when a parent Business Unit is able to control another Business Unit.


To create a multi-tiered Business Unit structure:

  1. Log in and switch to your parent account.
  2. Visit Company → Sub-Units.
  3. Add a New Sub-Unit by clicking ADD A NEW SUB-UNIT
  4. Name the Sub-Unit what you wish, provide any additional details, and hit save.

You now have the ability to distribute an assessment to both the Parent Business Unit and the Sub-Unit.

When a sub-unit is created, the creator of the sub-unit is automatically added as an Administrator. By clicking your name in the left-hand menu, you will now be able to switch to this business unit and perform actions as that unit.

Multi-Tiered Business Units

You can repeat this process indefinitely to create a complex structure of Business Units. By doing so, you can segregate regions, large departments, and more using this method. Simply switch to an existing Business Unit in the hierarchy and add a Sub-Unit as described above.

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