JustProtect can bridge the gap between different industries and compliance regulations.

Here at JustProtect, we understand how dynamic the business world can be. Sometimes you have to branch out in order to expand and grow.

JustProtect can guide you over the regulatory hurdles that stand in the way of progress.


Your all-in-one solution for regulatory compliance.



The regulatory landscape of Fintech is complicated.  Don't wait until something goes wrong. Let us help you navigate.

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Compliant to HIPPA?  Best be sure.  Assess your business regularly to ensure that you have everything prepared.  Have that information available on demand for as many years as you need.

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Government/Defense Contracting

Need to prove you have the requirements to be a Government contractor?  No matter your stage, JustProtect can help you get in front of it.  

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Want to sell to enterprise clients faster?  Have they asked you for a SOC2 report, or sent you a daunting assessment?  We can certainly help.

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JustProtect. Compliance Assessments. Simplified.

At JustProtect, our decades of experience in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance can help you build a strong foundation for your business and guide you as it grows. We give companies a better understanding of what they don't know. This knowledge provides self-reliance for small businesses and entrepreneurs by removing the need for hiring a consultant every time an assessment is due. JustProtect's automated platform gives small businesses the ability to perform multiple assessments at once without the need for excessive amounts of manpower. 

More Time to Work on What Matters.

Time is Money. With JustProtect, you can spend less time on assessments, and more time growing your business. What once took 4-6 weeks, can now be completed in 2-3 days! Our platform takes the guesswork and inefficiency out of regulatory compliance. 


No CISO? No Problem!

The JustProtect team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the pitfalls of regulatory compliance assessments. You'll have 24/7 access to our cloud-based platform, and a direct line of communication with our team to answer your questions quickly and get you going again. We can't wait to speak with you about how JustProtect can help you, and your company, move at the speed of change. Drop us a line below to get started!