Why JustProtect?

Never-ending spreadsheets, constant communication, data dispersed across disparate locations, four-week turnaround times, and expensive consultants… does this sound familiar? Assessing the risks of your organization, employees, and vendors can be an arduous process — but it doesn’t have to be.

JustProtect is a regulatory compliance management platform that continually provides a holistic perspective of your company's compliance without the hassle. Using an automated approach, we assess your company’s current situation by asking the right questions, gathering all the relevant data and prioritizing whats most important you! After creating a custom assessment and remediation plan, we ensure you’re on track to solid compliance program.

Cut through the noise. Forgo the costly consultants. And forget waiting a month to take action. Let us take care of the legwork so you can focus on what matters most: JustProtect your organization, right now.


SIMPLE compliance Solutions Tailored to Your Business

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JustProtect Identify

No idea where to start? No problem. JustProtect helps you identify what key people, vendors and technologies of your organization need to be examined.

JustProtect Assess

From there, our compliance AI tool builds and automates the assessment process to shines a light on any security gaps you have and their risk level. 

JustProtect Manage

We help you hit the ground running by giving detailed guidance, and the tools to manage the compliance gaps identified and assessed!  


Our Clients Love Us (And We Love Them Too!)


Don't Take Our Word For It — See how our Clients feel

With JustProtect I didn’t have to hire expensive consultants to eliminate long standing excel spreadsheets making up my disjointed cyber program!
— C. Kimpland - Director of Information Security