Healthcare Regulatory Compliance. Simplified.

Keeping up on healthcare-related regulations is more than just staying HIPAA compliant. There are hundreds of regulatory requirements that costs this industry almost $39 billion a year in just administrative activities related to compliance. That's not counting the clinical staff pulled away from caring for patients. 

JustProtect can help you, so you can focus on patients, not paperwork.


Healthcare Regulations & Compliance Assessments 

The healthcare industry must comply with over 600 regulatory requirements. With new regulations, and updates to existing ones being issued constantly, a company must quickly mobilize all available resources to decipher the regulations and then redesign, test, implement and communicate new processes throughout the organization. This represents a considerable allocation of company resources for those that operate within the healthcare industry. Healthcare-related regulations encompass many different occupational sectors that range from insurance companies, pharmacies and billing companies all the way to attorneys, cloud service providers and data storage firms.

HIPAA, and many other regulations, require that periodic self-assessments and risk analyses are performed to determine how well your internal policies and procedures meet their requirements. Assessments of certain third-party vendors, your business associates that have access to protected information, is also required. This means that your company could be affected by these regulations even if you operate outside the healthcare industry while acting as a vendor. 

These are only some of the regulations and standards that impact the Healthcare industry:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)MacBook@2x
    • Security Rule
    • Privacy Rule
    • Transaction and Code Set Rule
  • PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health)

With JustProtect, it really is that easy.

JustProtect simplifies all aspects of the regulatory compliance process. JustProtect brings all of this into one platform saving you time and money. No matter your company’s stage or maturity, JustProtect helps you coordinate your efforts and better manage your compliance program.


Compatible with all your needs.

Upload assessments for any regulation or standard


Measure your compliance readiness.

Measure your compliance readiness


Conduct an internal audit to identify improvements.

Conduct an internal audit to identify improvements


Work seamlessly with your team and stakeholders.

Work seamlessly with your team and stakeholders


Manage your assets and risks.

Manage your assets and risks.


Respond instantly using Machine Learning.

Respond instantly using Machine Learning

All of your work is at your fingertips.

JustProtect understands that data is important. This is why we centralized the assessment process, so you have everything you need in one place. Full audit logs of who answered what, and when they answered it, are provided through our platform. All the data collected is available for immediate export as soon as an assessment is finished, for when hard copies are required.

If gaps or risks are identified, JustProtect is your single source to document and track all remediation plans and activities.

Export as PDF
Aggregate as CSV
Connect to BI

Compliance Assessments. Simplified.

At JustProtect, our decades of experience in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance helps businesses by removing the need for hiring a consultant every time an assessment is due. JustProtect's automated platform is giving businesses the ability to assess and respond to all assessments. 

No CISO? We can help!

You'll have 24/7 access to our cloud-based platform, and a direct line of communication with our expert support team to quickly answer your questions. We can't wait to speak with you about how JustProtect can help you, and your company, move at the speed of change. Drop us a line below to get started!