Nysdfs Cybersecurity regulation (23NYCRR500)

Covered entities and their 3rd parties can simplify their Compliance to 23NYCRR500.


Manage the Cybersecurity Program

  • Centralize & maintain the program

  • Manage risk register & action plan

  • Maintain documentation for superintendent

JustProtect streamlines the compliance processes by centralizing all requirements of the the 23NYCRR500 regulatory compliance process. By including all stakeholders JustProtect provides a holistic view into the state and status of the organization’s compliance posture.

Conduct Internal Risk Assessment

  • Define roles

  • Conduct gap assessment

  • Manage remediation tasks & risks

23NYCRR500 requires input from members of the Board or Senior Executives, the business and IT to meet compliance. JustProtect provides automated workflows and a simple interface to ensure involvement at every level.


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Manage 3rd party Assessments

  • Inventory 3rd parties

  • Perform Assessments

  • Manage 3rd party remediation tasks & risks

500.11 requires covered entities to determine, assess and manage risks presented by 3rd parties. JustProtect can inventory, assess and manage 3rd party risks in a faction of the time taken by traditional methods.