Can I require an Additional Response to an Assessment Question based on what the responder answered?

Learn how to use a conditional statement to require an additional response to the question based on the answer.


When creating your Template on JustProtect, add the supported column "Require Additional Information Condition" as a new column.

In this column, place the condition that, if true, would set a requirement to the question.


In the simplest example of a question "Do you have an information security policy?" with Yes and No as choices, by placing "Yes" (with quotes) in the "Require Additional Information Condition" field, the question will require an additional response from the responder when Yes is selected.

This also works for Multiple Choice Single Answers via chaining.

If the question was "How tall is the Empire State Building" and the choices were Small, Medium, and Large, you can require an additional response on Medium and Large with the following condition in "Require Additional Information Condition":

"Medium" OR "Large"

An additional response will be required if either Medium or Large is chosen.


The same applies for "and" on Multiple Choice Multiple Answers.

If you ask "What colors are the American Flag?", you can require an additional response on:

"Red" AND "White" AND "Blue"

This will require an additional response if Red, White, and Blue are selected.

*Keep in mind, this would still require an additional response if the Responder chooses Red, Green, White, Purple, and Blue.

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