10 Steps to become CMMC Compliant by using JustProtect

Reduce the time you need to answer a CMMC Assessment by days. The JustProtect platform allows you to map questions from previously answered CMMC Checklists to save you the headache of answering hundreds of questions and throughout several days (if you are an expert at this) up to several weeks.
Even if this is the first time that you are ever answering a SIG, our platform can increase the efficiency at which you and your team respond, while managing the assessment lifecycle with optimum efficiency. Contact us today to find out more how you can increase your business' operational efficiency.
"[JustProtect is] an amazing solution for doing assessments. Whether risk, third party, compliance, internal control ... in an elegant modern user experience.
They address the inefficiencies of doing assessments in manual processes with legions of documents, spreadsheets, and emails."

Michael Rasmussen
GRC Analyst & Pundit
GRC 20/20 Research, LLC


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JustProtect has identified and continues to solve several pain points companies of all sizes have with compliance, risk assessments, internal audit, and vendor management. Here are points of feedback we've heard while solving those issues:


"...I picked a standardized CMMC assessment, chose about 250 vendors, and right away, each vendor received a questionnaire that they can answer. "

Co-founder, Cybersecurity Enterprise

"We don't need to think about heavyweight GRC tools, but we need something that is light and easy to get the assessment done. We wanted something to automate the collection of information and that’s what we got by using JustProtect. It was the first time I saw a GRC get that granular in the way you can assess a third party."

CISO, Financial Startup 

"Having the assessments returned in record time was incredibly helpful. The real value for me was the reporting automation that followed. I really liked that I could present reports to the board showing both risk and compliance data over time."

InfoSec Analyst, SaaS Enterprise

"As a Fintech we have to send and receive compliance assessments. Having a single place to manage our inventories and compliance assessments makes all the difference!"

Paul Barnes-Hoggett, Alice Financial
tim owen

"We likely saved in the ten thousands by becoming SOC 2 ready with JustProtect."

Director of InfoSec, Publicly Traded Enterprise

"After becoming compliant, the inbound assessments didn't stop. Luckily, since we had JustProtect, any assessment we received was entered into the platform and the answers were suggested to us based on our compliance assessment. We were able to turn around inbound assessments in the same day."

CTO, Publicly Traded Enterprise

Our individualized approach allows us to cater to each case and customer need, so talk with us today to solve your assessment or compliance issues.

We value the privacy of our customers so not all identifying information is shared here. Please contact us if you wish to know more about our customers or partners.

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