How do I assign questions to my other teammates?

This article will show you how to assign questions in an assessment that you have


Step 1.

Click on the assessment that you need to distribute in your company

Step 2.

Click on the "Assignments" tab

Step 3.

Click the checkbox on one or more of the categories

Step 4.

Once you have the categories and/or questions selected that you want to assign to someone you can click on "Assign Selected"

Step 5.

You can then pick a user, or an existing group in the platform to assign it to in the list

Caution: If you have not invited members to the User Groups, no one will receive notifications.

Note: Once a question is assigned to someone they will receive a notification in-platform and through email letting them know they have questions assigned.

Step 6.

If the user you are looking for hasn't been invited to the platform, you can do so on this screen by clicking "New User"

Step 7.

Input their information and click on "Save

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