Assessments so evolved, Darwin would be proud.

By segregating business units and responsibilities, JustProtect gets the right question in front of the right responder instantly. It's the evolution of the Assessment.

No more emails, no more followups, and most importantly, no more spreadsheets.



Imagine taking every pain out of the assessment process. It's what we do best.

By centralizing the assessment process, we negate the need to email spreadsheets back and forth. In itself, that's a sizable solution for many to save countless hours. But we at JustProtect take it to the next level.

With just one click, I can send an assessment to all my third party vendors. With just one click, I can answer assessment question based on prior knowledge. With just one click, I can attach evidence.

With just one click, I can reassign a question to someone I know knows the answer.

All with constant communication. All with a full audit trail. That's why companies rely on JustProtect to automate their assessment processes.

Who is JustProtect?

JustProtect is the leading automated solution for distributing and answering assessments for businesses of all industries and sizes. We’re committed to empowering businesses to grow at scale by ensuring they’re compliant to any standard or regulation in a fraction of the time and with minimal cost.


Make assessments less painful!

JustProtect’s assessment distribution engine enables companies to send assessments to multiple internal business units or external 3rd parties simultaneously through a simple to use interface removing confusion and complexity.  This means no more black holes!

Getting the most accurate response couldn’t be simpler!  Every recipient has the option to invite other users to help them complete the assessment accelerating collaboration and removing inefficient processes.  No more copying questions into other spreadsheets and sending via email!

Getting the assessment back is as simple as them being released! Now you can see a real time status of your assessments and view all responses in a single interface. 

Need to follow up, have remediation tasks and actions? No problem!


"As a Fintech we have to send and receive compliance assessments. Having a single place to manage our inventories and compliance assessments makes all the difference!"

- Paul Barnes-Hoggett, Alice Financial

How it works

Import assessments

Import legacy spreadsheets and centralize distribution to vendors, 3rd parties and business units. No more emails and versions to track!

Your first assessment

Perform assessments in your own time and distribute the appropriate questions to the appropriate person to gather the current status of a control. internal or external. Our simple to use interface will measure maturity, allows you to collect evidence collection and get a score!

Release & Remediate

Centralizing remediation and follow-on tasks allow everyone to be on the same page, and even promote a little healthy competition within the company! By including the entire organization remediation items and follow on tasks are now easier to manage.


JustProtect has pre-built, and configurable reporting for every level of the organization. Granular reports and dashboards are available for individual contributors and higher-level reports are available for management and executives. With JustProtect your company won’t miss a crucial filing date or be searching for data anymore!

"Before JustProtect we would send spreadsheet-based assessments to 3rdparties which would take up to 8 weeks to get returned, often the responses provided didn’t makes sense. With JustProtect, the average 3rd party assessment is returned 2 days."

- Fred Hobbs Director of Cybersecurity, Hyster-Yale

Answers to your common questions

What if we don’t have any assessments today?
No problem! During on-boarding we’ll identify the regulations that apply and create an assessment for you. This way you can focus on getting the assessments out and remove the complexity of spreadsheets and emails.
What happens if I have more than one assessment type to manage?
No problem! During on-boarding we’ll identify the regulations that apply and identify any overlaps.  This way you can manage the compliance of multiple regulations in one place.
We have an external consultant that helps with assessing us and our 3rd parties, what now?
Awesome, lets loop them in too! We can take the assessments they have performed and track and can ensure they are all considered in the platform and not in countless document folders, word documents or excel spreadsheets!
Can you walk me through it?
You bet. Drop your information in below and we'll set up some time to show you how you can reduce the scope of your audit operations and save you so much time distributing and answering assessments.