What is the JustProtect API?

Our clients have the ability to sync Assessment and Business Unit data between their platforms, at scale.


JustProtect has released its initial version of its API to allow our clients instant access to their data.

Our API allows you to pull the results of any assessment, internally or externally, into any system of your choosing. This provides our clients with the ability to bring their own toolsets. From business intelligence suites such as Tableau and PowerBI to GRC platforms such as RSA Archer, our clients are utilizing our APIs to make clear business decisions on their internal offerings as well as their vendors throughout their supply chain with confidence.

In addition, our clients are also using the JustProtect API to manage their vendors, partners, and customers across multiple platforms. Regardless if JustProtect is your system of truth, our API allows companies to integrate with several systems of their choosing: CRM platforms like Salesforce or Hubspot, accounting and finance applications like Xero or Quickbooks, or virtually any system that handles lists of vendors, partners, or customers, including procurement.

Not an enterprise? No budget to build and connect your systems to our APIs? Not a problem. JustProtect has partnered with Zapier to bring the JustProtect API to Zapier's network of thousands of platforms such as ServiceNow, Google Workspace (formerly GSuite), Slack, Atlassian, and so many more added daily. 

Like our entire platform, the foundation of the JustProtect ecosystem is built on security; our public API is no different and is held to equal standards as our full offering. With rotatable keys and optional IP safelisting, the authentication of the API is as robust as the platform itself.

Want to learn more about the JustProtect API? Schedule some time with us, and we can show you how to become the internal-auditing, vendor-assessing hero of your organization

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